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France officially the French Republic is a international country generally located in Western Europe and gauging overseas regions and homes in the Americas and the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian abysses. Its metropolitan area extends from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean and from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea; overseas homes include French Guiana in South America, Saint Pierre and Miquelon in the North Atlantic, the French West Indies, and numerous islets in Oceania and the Indian Ocean. Due to its several littoral homes, France has the largest exclusive profitable zone in the world. France borders Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Andorra, and Spain in international Europe, as well as the Netherlands, Suriname, and Brazil in the Americas via its overseas homes in French Guiana and Saint Martin. Its eighteen integral regions( five of which are overseas) gauge a combined area of,801 km2(,573 sq mi) and close to 68 million people( as of July 2022). France is a unitarysemi-presidential democracy with its capital in Paris, the country’s largest megacity and main artistic and marketable centre; other major civic areas include Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux, and Nice.

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Inhabited since the Palaeolithic period, the home of Metropolitan France was settled by Celtic lines known as Gauls during the Iron Age. Rome adjoined the area in 51 BC, leading to a distinct Gallo- Roman culture that laid the foundation of the French language. The Germanic Franks formed the Kingdom of Francia, which came the heartland of the Carolingian Conglomerate. The Treaty of Verdun of 843 partitioned the conglomerate, with West Francia getting the Kingdom of France in 987. In the High Middle periods, France was a important but largely decentralised feudal area. Philip II successfully strengthened royal power and defeated his rivals to double the size of the crown lands; by the end of his reign, France had surfaced as the most important state in Europe. From themid-14th to themid-15th century, France was plunged into a series of dynastic conflicts involving England, inclusively known as the Hundred Times’ War, and a distinct French identity surfaced as a result. The French Renaissance saw art and culture flourish, conflict with the House of Habsburg, and the establishment of a global colonizer conglomerate, which by the 20th century would come the alternate- largest in the world. The alternate half of the 16th century was dominated by religious civil wars between Catholics and Huguenots that oppressively weakened the country. France again surfaced as Europe’s dominant power in the 17th century under Louis XIV following the Thirty Times’ War. shy profitable programs, inequitable levies and frequent wars( specially a defeat in the Seven Times’ War and expensive involvement in the American War of Independence), left the area in a precarious profitable situation by the end of the 18th century. This rained the French Revolution of 1789, which overthrew the Ancien Régime and produced the protestation of the Rights of Man, which expresses the nation’s ideals to this day.

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France Job Vacancies: Moment France country is inviting for effective workers in their different transnational company available job vacuities. France is a well- known advanced country in Europe. also, a western European country is France. FRANCE Jobs.

The capital of France is Paris. this is veritably familiar with other countries, because then most extensively people are speaking French language and full as French or western European societies, also their conditioning. but France is giving a advanced position of payment for their workers, so utmost people are migrating to France and also going to France on a France is giving respect for their pool. their payment dealing currency is called Euro. so workers can return their payment as euro currency.

The Organisation for EconomicCo-operation and Development( OECD) is an transnational association located in Paris, comprised of 38 member countries, that works to make better programs for better lives. Together with governments, policymakers and citizens, we work on establishing substantiation- grounded transnational norms and chancing results to a range of social, profitable, and environmental challenges. From perfecting profitable performance and creating jobs to fostering strong education and fighting transnational duty elusion, we give a unique forum and knowledge mecca for data and analysis, exchange of gests , stylish- practice sharing, and advice on public programs and transnational standard- setting.
The OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate( TAD), provides applicable and timely analysis and tools in support of governments ’ sweats to ameliorate their trade, husbandry, food, and fisheries programs at the domestic and transnational position.

TAD is looking for a youthful Associate to work nearly with the Counsellor to the Head of Directorate. The Director’s Office of TAD will give an instigative occasion for a youthful Associate to work on OECD’s trouble to promote an open world trade system, grounded on the robust substantiation- base erected by the OECD Trade Committee. The Young Associate will also profit from the first- hand experience in OECD’s work on husbandry and fisheries – two strategic policy areas for achieving a sustainable, productive, and flexible global food system, which has been assigned the loftiest precedence in recreating G7 and G20 reflections and is prominent also in the UN SDGs.


Under the guidance of the Counsellor, the Young Associate will cover applicable policy developments in trade and husbandry, work with judges to prepare a variety of policy- concentrated material, and represent TAD in applicableinter-Directorate meetings.

Main Responsibilities

  • Prepare briefings, talking points, and speeches.
  • Exploration, revise and modernize TAD master policy missions.
  • Attend and follow- up TAD panels and other applicable meetings.
  • Conduct background exploration, edit, fact- check, and proofread a variety of material.
  • Support for the association of a wide range of Ministerial/ expert meetings, shops, and forums . c04jC7j B2NWxr

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Ideal Candidate Profile

Academic Background

  • Undergraduate degree in one of the following disciplines Economics, Political Science, Agricultural Economics, Public Policy, International Trade and Finance, Law.


  • Excellent jotting chops and capability to develop dispatches for a variety of cult.
  • Capability to carry out exploration, draft methodological and logical papers, as well as briefing notes, leaflets, and meeting summaries.
  • Capability to work on different systems with varying timelines.


  • This position requires proficiency in one of the two OECD sanctioned languages( English and French) and a knowledge of the other, with a commitment to reach a good working position.

Core Competencies

  • For this part, the following capabilities would be particularly important Achievement focus, Analytical thinking, Drafting chops, Flexible thinking, Managing coffers, Teamwork and Team leadership, Politic perceptivity, Strategic networking, and
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Please relate to the position 1 pointers of the OECD Core capabilities.

Contract Duration

  • Two-year fixed-term appointment

Starting Date

  • September 2022



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