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Bapco is a regional oil and gas leader and an important contributor to modern Bahrain, accounting for a significant portion of the region’s energy-related activities.
Bapco is primarily engaged with exploration, refining, storage, production, marketing, training and development, and environmental initiatives in the kingdom. The company owns a 260,000 barrel-a-day refinery, storage facilities for 14 million barrels, a marketing terminal and a marine terminal for its petroleum products. The company produces high-quality Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Naphtha, Gasoline, Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, Heavy Lube Distillate, Fuel Oil and Asphalt, which form the core of its business. The company’s customers for crude oil and refined products are based in the Middle East, India, the Far East, South East Asia and Africa.

Bahrain Petroleum Company Benefits
Bahrain Petroleum Company provides employees with competitive pay and comprehensive benefits program that will allow you to develop professionally and reach long-term goals of the race. The balance of Work / Life is encouraged at Bahrain Petroleum Company Company and the company offers several programs like “live like work” that offers advice, referrals and resources on parenting, career planning, family care and leaves of operation (planning) education. Other benefits include flexible work arrangements with supervisor approval, adoption assistance and dependent care spending accounts. Bahrain Petroleum Company Company also provides other pay and competitive advantages.


  1. Ensure correct selection of Lifting Equipment for the assigned task to perform safe lifting operation and avoid damaging the Equipment.
  2. Visually determine ground condition in areas of crane operations to ensure crane stability.
  3. Determine proximity of Crane Boom and/or load in relation to overhead Transmission Lines, piping/equipment/other obstacles and take appropriate action to ensure that lifting would not damage or be damaged with proximity hazards.
  4. Supervise performance of the Contractor Riggers and Helpers at work as per applicable safety norms to ensure personal safety of the reporting staff and safety of the rigging activity.


  • Minimum Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience as a Rigger in Oil & Gas or Petrochemical plants handling various types of loads.
  • In depth knowledge of heavy rigging practices, hand rigging, full understanding of Rigging Code of Practice, able to read Rigging Drawings, produce field drawings and interprets load charts.
  • Bapco Level 4 English.
  • Computer literacy preferred.
  • Capable of working at heights upto 300 feet.


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