Supermarket Jobs in Canada – Apply Now

Looking for supermarket jobs in Canada? You can use the given below link to apply for jobs. We periodically updating and sharing all the latest supermarket jobs in Dubai and Gulf Countries. If you interested just make one click on the below link to apply.

Company providing good working environment and good facilities for employees and their families and also given full support for employees.

Focused on ensuring the professional and personal growth of employees. Search for people with commitment and dedication.

Several job openings are available such as Cashier, Sales Executive, Office Clerk, Electrician, Store Manager, Technician, Human Resource, Information Technology etc. Interested Candidates may send their resume or Apply now using given below link.

Equipment and Machinery Experience

    • Slicing machine
    • Sausage machine
    • Power grinder
    • Manual cutting utensil
    • Band saw

Additional Skills

    • Wrap and package prepared meats
    • Weigh meats for sale
    • Sell meats to customers
    • Price meat products
    • Clean meats to prepare for processing or cutting

Work Setting

    • Supermarket and meat department

Specific Skills

  • Slice cooked meats
  • Shape, lace and tie roasts, other meats, poultry and seafood
  • Remove bones from meat
  • Prepare special displays of meats, poultry and fish products
  • Prepare special orders
  • Make special sausages
  • Grind meats
  • Cut poultry into parts
  • Cut, trim and prepare standard cuts of meat
  • Cut carcasses, sides and quarters

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