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In a jiffy am gonna walk you through on the 15 Best Jobs For Women With No College Degree.

Are you a lady who is looking for a good paying job or an extra stream of income? If this is you then then you are in the right place. Here are 20 best jobs for single moms or lady with no college degree. Being a single mom is very tough especially when it is unplanned.

15 High Paying Jobs That Require No College Degree

Apparently, as a lady or a single mom you must have got yourself together and ready to face the labor or job market, and now most question will be “what job will be more suitable for me”. If you have been facing such questions without an answer, then read carefully below.

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15 Best Jobs For Women With No College Degree

The Best Jobs For Women With No Qualifications Or College Degree are listed below;

#1 Data Entry Personnel

Firstly, lets define who is a data entry personnel. A data Entry personnel is still a data entry operator who is a professional and in charge of entering all the data into different computer databases. This Career is one of the best, suitable for a lady or a single mom who has no college degree.

This job is similar to that of a person who types on a computer as a typist, the good news is that its easy and it can be done at home depending on the company terms on agreement.

#2 Recipe Developer

Do you have passion for food recipe? If yes, then considering to be a Recipe Developer should be a stream of income for you. Maybe you should focus on developing recipes for a living. You can start up a website and create your own cookbooks or be a recipe developer to some restaurant out there.

#3 Baker

This is also a good profession to think on. Do you have good hands for banking? if so you can start a career as a baker. This job can be a bit stressed especially as a single mom, but if you have someone that can take care of your child in the morning hours depending your time schedule and plans then it should be a good idea to pick this job. Don’t forget you can as well set up your own bakery business depending on your capital, you can start distributing them around to shops closer to you and sharing your business with you family and friends to help you gain customers.

#4 Music Teacher

This is also a great idea to welcome as a single mom or a young talented lady who finds music interesting. Whether your specialty is guitar or drum etc. Turning this idea to profession will be a great and flexible gig. You don’t need any advance or college degree to be a music teacher, this just depends on your skills and starting this business at home can also make you not to think of a babysitter.

#5 Dance Instructor

Do you have passion for dancing or you are good with dancing? If so then maybe now is the time to get your dance shoes out of the closet and brush up on your skills on becoming an instructor. With this job you can make the world a more peaceful place for only a few hours a week depending how you plan your to do list while venturing into this career as an independent woman.

#6 Fashion Designer

This profession is for someone that is creative when it comes to fashion. you can become a fashion designer and make good living. Most fashion designers that showcase their designer are mostly single mom who are leveraging their skill set on fashion. If you don’t have must skills on this, i guess there is still time for and no time is too late to start. This profession has been working and will continue to work for most single mom or in-fact women entirely who is looking for a business of their own to start with.

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#7 Party Planner

You can become a party planner, i guess you must have attended to a lot of party such as maybe a birthday, wedding etc. So i guess you must have had about party planner. Why not become one, with this profession you don’t need a college degree. All you need is just starting up the business then planning small events till your kids are fully in school or gain good balance.

#8 Interior Designer

This is also a good profession to venture into, working for yourself as an interior designer is a great and wonderful way to take control and manage your time. This profession does not require a college degree or any qualifications to start with.

#9 Niche Marketing

This is so far my best option when it comes to having extra income as a single lady. Starting a business that can run from hoe is very ideal, this does not need a college degree or qualifications. Niche marketing is one of the lucrative work from home business you can do. All you need is select a particular kind of product you whish to promote and create a website, then run ad campaign for you product links to reach your targeted or potential buyers then make your money as an affiliate marketer.

#10 Freelance Content Writer

This is also a nice profession to venture into. Many websites are in need of content writers that are originally written for their business. This job opportunity allows you to work from your home or anywhere and also set your won hours.

#11 Graphics Designing

This profession does not require educational background and you can do this from the comfort of your home. This kind of work can involve designing of logo for companies, making banners, designing business cards and so on.

#13 Receptionist

There has been a lot of questioning about the pay rate of a receptionist. Well it depends on the company you happens to find your self in and how much budget they have for a receptionist. This profession depends much of your time, but if you feel you won’t take it as a full time job then you can become a virtual assistant. You can become an assistant to people and business all over the world. You can simply create an Upwork account and register your profession then be at the comfort of your home to offer this service. 15 Best Jobs For Women With No College Degree.

#14 Web Developer

Can a woman be a web developer? The answer is Capital YES! Don’t forget that the world is becoming more and more inclined on technology. As a single Lady you can venture into acquiring a skill as a web developer then turning it into a profession. Web developers are the boss on the internet and getting jobs or clients has never been difficult.

#15 Virtual Assistance

Considering being a virtual assistant ? The task required to undergo include sending emails organizing travel and other administrative task for the company executives. The pay varies and tends to average around $15/hour. This is a great job for a single lady without a college degree.

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