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Canada Visa Application Mistakes during the application/assessment form processes has become the topic on viral with the question on How to Avoid Mistakes?

In a jiffy, you will get to know why most rejected Canada immigration applications occurs, not just because the applicant did not meet the criteria, but also because their understanding of the process is limited, So to ensure you don’t undermine your chances of getting your application denied or not approved, you need to watch out for some silly mistakes and avoid them.


Canada has become one the most sought after country in the world today, whether it is for the stable economy, enormous employment opportunities, quality healthcare services, Canada is welcoming to thousands of immigrants seeking a better life.

Applying for Canadian PR can be frustrating especially when you are confused about which documents you are required to submit, even small mistakes can result in your application being delayed or worst refused.

By following immigration instructions meticulously, you are sure of avoiding a heavy pitfall which hinders most immigrants application.

Incomplete Or Inconsistent Information On Forms

Immigration application can be daunting, it is very important you read and understand what is required of you when filling the form, you need to pay adequate attention to every form, often sme information may be asked in several places.

Canada Visa Application Mistakes To Avoid For Quick Approval

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Canada Visa Application Mistakes And How To Fix

  1. Using an unauthorized representative
  2. Not enough proof of ties to your home country
  3. Misrepresentation or incorrect information
  4.  Incomplete application forms

1.Using An Unauthorized Representative

For your best chance of success, you may decide to hire a representative to help with the process of application. If these are paid services, make sure the representative is authorized by the government before entrusting with your visa application processes. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent individuals or companies that charges or overcharge you for what they claim is a Guaranteed visa. Be mindful and look out.

2.Not Enough Proof Of Ties To Your Home Country

As an applicant, you must be able to provide documentary evidence of your financial and social ties of your home country, else the officer may come to a conclusion that may not return success or it may get your application denied. It is important to provide evidence of your permanent employment or social group activities as a way to make the officer believe you which also may serve as an impression that you are a genie person.

3.Misrepresentation Or Incorrect Information

It is very much important to always be honest with people and to yourself also, so providing a honest information and supporting documents for your visitor application is a great move. Submitting any forged document might result to application denied or visa rejection. so it is advisable to provide your correct information on the application form.

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4.Incomplete Application Form

Make sure to diligently fill out your visitor visa application form without leaving a recommended area blank. This is a common mistakes most applicants make, if you are unsure of any of the section always find out or research on how to answer them properly without guessing or leaving it blank

Good Luck!!!

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