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While it is an accomplishment to travel abroad and seek greener pasture, it is a wise move to be workable and qualified for jobs. However, not all immigrants especially single moms have a certified skill or university qualification to work when they travel abroad. Today i bring you good news on high paying jobs for single moms without a degree or experience so you don’t have to be depressed if you got no skill.

High Paying Jobs For Single Moms Without A Degree Or Experience provides a comprehensive list of jobs that any immigrant or single mom can do without a work experience. These jobs have a relatively high paycheck, easy to do and spare time for your private life.

High Paying Jobs For Single Moms Without A Degree Or Experience

Everything you do can earn you money. It all depends on how you do it and who is in need of your service. In a jiffy i will show you various jobs that can elevate your financial capacity as a single mom without a degree or work experience.

Linguistic Teacher

One of the most convenient way to earn money is teaching, language teacher to be precise. Language is the most direct form of interpersonal and cultural relationship. It is easy to communicate with a person who understands your language. Linguistic Teachers are sorted out for in all countries. Many families and individuals are keen in learning multiple languages such as: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic; to help them in comprehension and gaining opportunities and favours.

Salary ranges between $38,719 and $56,521.

Side Hustles

These are menial jobs that a single mom can take up with ease. There is no need for a certificate or formal introduction before picking up a job. Jobs included in the side hustles are gardening. house keeping, personal health care, shuttle, etc.

Household & Pet Sitting

Pets are direct members of the family. There is joy and happiness when pets are around the home. This joy must be sustained by families; as a single mom take advantage of the joy and seek a job from these families. Many families will likely give you an apartment and will cater for your basic needs like food, clothes; while you earn money.

Pet sitters earn about $39,000 per year or $20 per hour.

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Baby Sitting & House Keeping

House keeping is very similar to pet sitting except absence of pets. House keeping has many benefits to offer a single mom. There are benefits of free accommodation, feeding, and your daily income. House keeping gives you a sense of managerial authority and help you to improve your organizational skill.

Baby sitters and house keepers can earn $39,000 per year or $20 per hour.

Freelancing & Streaming

Freelancing can be regarded as the modern job of single moms. You can work from home, at the comfort of your couch and earn money. Starting up a freelancer account is not difficult. All you need is a laptop, a fast-internet phone and data.

A freelancers’ salary is not fixed as different organization have different paycheck. However, an average freelancer can earn $25 per hour.

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Au Pair

It is safe to call this job “an education nanny”. This involves a house keeper who has a solid education history to teach and guide their employer’s children academically. An au pair has a salary advantage over an average house keeper. Single moms can take up this job and be successful both financially and family upbringing.

The average salary of an au pair is $800 dollar per month. Many hospitals, charity home and organizations, families are in need of the services of an au pair.

Store Keepers & Retailers

Every store manager are in need of keepers and shop workers to ease the stress of working alone. Single moms can take up this opportunity to work and earn money to cater for the family.

An average shop retail can earn $37,050 per year or $19 per hour.

A single mom can enjoy government benefits and still have a personal means of income. High Paying Jobs For Single Moms Without A Degree Or Experience is perfect for you.

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