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The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is aimed at promising students, to fund and sponsor their education journey. It aims at creating a gem out of students, exposing them to versatile knowledge. The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is funded by the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. This is an opportunity to Gain Free Scholarship To The UK.

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is propelled at bringing these promising students into the upper echelons of the society in knowledge and character.

It has been discover that many talented students are handicapped on their way to accomplish their dreams due to lack of money, and environment. The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, UK has taken the mandate to lift these barriers from these promising students.

The free scholarship is fully funded.

How To Gain Free Scholarship To The UK is unique for you to accommodate all necessary conditions.

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What You Need To Know About The UK Scholarship

All scholarships legislated by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office is subcategories into 6 sections:

Science and Technology For Development

Commonwealth scholarships are aimed at rendering solution and full expression of any area of science and technology. This covers areas of tertiary, forestry, agriculture; to develop skills that are related to the specific needs of developing nations.

Intensive researches has been made in this section to promote the economic lives of low-earning citizens. Some of these researches are:

  • Data maps at the center of vaccine campaigns
  • Introducing the COVID-19 vaccine tracker
  • Building Trust through virtual reality

Strengthening Health System and Capacity

In order to curb the shortcomings of health infrastructures and to reduce the risk of outbreak of a pandemic, the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship invest maximum resources to the area of health and capacity. This scholarship supports the skills in this range of approach. This includes staff training in medical care and safety, establishing a better health and medical system, linear management system, health promotion by improving means of treatments.

  • Some of these approaches are:
  • Best practice to stop the spread of infections
  • Nurses and midwives, the strength of the health sector
  • Improving healthcare delivery in the supply chain
  • Improving healthcare and treatment with low cost

Promoting Global Prosperity

The Commonwealth scholarship is propelled by the organizing body to render assistance to developing countries on poverty alleviation. They play a key role in economic support of low-income countries. This scholarship drive students to skills in enhanced trade capacity, improved economic understanding, decision making ability, marketing new products, availability of services and entrepreneur skills.

The Commonwealth scholarship has these agenda:

  • Supporting smaller states with initiatives
  • Creating better trade opportunities
  • Effective policy on debt management
  • Connectivity and networking of role-playing individuals
  • Local, national and international resources management
  • Strengthening international relations through education and trade skills

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Global Peace and Security

The Commonwealth scholarship strengthens skills that will foster peace and security at national and international levels. Multiple approaches are used to develop skills and techniques to strengthen a transparent government, improve mutual understanding and building systems that will encourage harmony and unity among citizens within and outside themselves. There is a consolidate move in:

  • Impacts of governance through the media
  • Accessible government policies

Resilience and Conflict Management

Treat and conflict results from human coexistence. Natural disasters also create conflicts among people. The Commonwealth Scholarship are awarded in subjects that address a broad range of treats such as natural disaster, civil unrest, interruption of key supply, economic and technological disruption. Some of these approaches are:

  • Strengthen a generation through sanitation
  • Facilitating response to disaster emergencies

Access and Opportunities

The Commonwealth scholarship help to promote opportunities amongst developing nations. These nations are disadvantage economically, humanitarianly, and socially. Eventual commonwealth scholars expand educational opportunities, conduct community outreach, enhance access to barriers faced. There is a strategic action and approach to develop skills to overcome these barriers, such as:

  • Language difference
  • Regional politics
  • Gender
  • Ethnic difference
  • Economic condition

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Choosing A University Course

The following resourced are useful when selecting a university course in the UK:

  • UKCISA – UK Council for International Students
  • British council guidance
  • Research excellent framework
  • UCAS Postgraduates for international students

Commonwealth Scholarship Selection Process

Each participating UK universities have a different procedure to admit new students. A specific number of foreign students are awarded scholarship depending on the university.

Selection will be based on these categories:

  • Academic merit of the candidate
  • Quality of the plan of study
  • Potential impact to development of candidates home country

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