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It is no doubt that Canada is the 21 century paradise for all immigrants. Every magazine and article talks about the beauty and resources/talents to be mined in Canada. Today I will expose to you the road map on How To Get Multiple Jobs In Canada.

Job seeking and job qualification are two different things. Zeal with no access is very frustrating. It is depressing to know that you are fit for a job, qualified by documentation but declined of the job. This is due to the Canadian Government policy on immigrants and visitors; that with no work permit, it is illegal to work.

This is stumbling block to active foreigners.

However, I am here to tell you the good news. It is not the end of the road. There are ways to be exempted from this restrain.

Get Multiple Jobs In Canada

The only access to a job in Canada is a work permit. It is clever to know the kinds of work permits: Close work permit and open work permit.

The closed work permit offers a one-job-one-employer liberty. While the open work permit gives you access to multiple job offers. The open work permit is what I am about to address to you.

Open Work Permit In Canada

The open work permit allows a foreigner to work in Canada without any previous work experience or specific job offer. You are only eligible to an open work permit if you satisfy these conditions:

  • The applicant must be a graduating student from any designed learning institution in Canada
  • May be a destitute student (i.e. student who cannot afford tuition fees)
  • May have a testament of abuse in relation to your line of previous work
  • Must apply for permanent residence in Canada
  • Must be a dependent of a relative who is a permanent resident in Canada
  • Must be a spouse or common-law partner with an international student or skilled worker
  • The applicant must at least, have a temporal residence permit
  • Must be a young worker participating in special programs

Work permit is not a ticket to migrate to Canada even after it has been issued.

How To Apply For Open Work Permit

How do you apply for an open work permit? SIMPLE!

There are 2 ways to apply for an open work permit. It is either you are in Canada or outside the borders.

If you are already in Canada, then follow these steps:

  • Select an IMM 1295 application form
  • Choose “open work permit” in section 1
  • Leave question 2 – 6 blank
  • Pay a fee $100 for open permit holder fee

For those outside Canada, follow these steps:

  • Select an IMM 5710 application form
  • Choose “open work permit” in section 1
  • Leave question 2 – 6 blank
  • Pay a fee of $155 for open permit holder fee

There is also a biometric fee of $81 per person for both categories

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Find Out How To Pay Your Work Permit Fee

There are several approach to pay your fee, depending on the application and the country of residence.

Step 1:

  • Select the country of residence
  • Choose the application for payment (select either temporal or permanent residence)
  • Select reason for payment (open work permit)

Step 2:

  • Keep a copy of all receipts for your own safety
  • Wrong payment or invalid payment system will render your application null and it will be returned back to you. There is no refunds once the processing commence.
  • There is an extra charge for returning your files or errors caused by your own mistakes
  • Follow the instruction on the payment request
  • Send a proof of your payments either to the office that request it or via electronic means

Open Work Permit Payment Methods

There are basically, two methods to pay your open work permit fee. There is no better method to use as it depends on your position and proximity. Lets take a tour on these methods for payment;

Pay & Apply Online

Payment can be made by creating a user login account

You must have a debit or a credit card

Pay Online & Apply On Paper

This is used when you submit a paper application. You can only pay when you submit your application and this payment must be online. For an online payment you need:

PDF reader software

Color printed

Credit or debit card

Valid email

Pay & Apply on VAC

Payment can be made at the Visa Application Center (VAC). There is a fee attracted from their services to you. VAC render assistance in:

  • Can relate to you in your local language
  • Benefit of their extended hours of service
  • Track your application online
  • They make sure your application is complete and delivered to the right visa office

Wow! What an easy way to get multiple jobs in Canada with a precise description.


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